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2018 Resolutions

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

I once read somewhere one shouldn't make New Years Resolutions but rather make small resolutions continually as needed, as you'll be more likely to stick to them. I strongly agree with that sentiment yet this year I find myself feeling like I kind of want to make several resolutions and I want to make them right now. It's the first time I've had a blog to publicly announce my goals - and maybe that will help me keep accountable. 2017 brought so many changes to my life and I feel I need to organize myself for a better 2018. So, without further ado...

1. Work out more. ::rolls eyes:: cliché as all hell, I know, but about 18 months ago I vowed to get in shape and I did. Then about 2 months ago I let life get in the way and stopped exercising almost completely. In just 8 weeks all the work I had put in over the previous months has mostly disappeared and I'm really upset about it. I have my wedding reception coming up in May and I damn well better look killer for it.

2. Declutter my life. This is an ongoing resolution I've had for many years and I have made strides with it recently - but I have a lot more to go. Ryan and I plan to buy a condo this year and I'll be damned if all the crap I currently own will come with us to the new place. What I need to focus on is being a little bit ruthless with my purging - there are so many things I have refused to get rid of for sentimental reasons even though I do not use or enjoy them, and now is the time to finally part with them.

3. Figure out what I want to do with my career. This is a big one. If you know me personally you know my job is in a bit of a gray area right now - my boss is moving to Spain so the jewelry store I work at will either be sold or closed. I definitely want to get out of sales and would love a job doing something a little more creative but I have no idea what job I want or how to even begin to find it. Frankly, I'm terrified.

4. Read more, and keep count. I've always considered myself a bibliophile yet last year I think I read less than ten books.

4.5 Re-read old college books and new books on similar subjects. I feel like I have forgotten 90% of what I learned.

5. Be less influenced by social media. It's no secret I am a marketer's dream - I am easily influenced by a good marketing campaign and have little to no self control when I want to buy a product. That needs to stop. Most products aren't limited edition and I can buy them later. There are so many purchases I have made in the past which could have waited, or I regret buying in the first place.

6. Make time to visit more Chicago based stores and shop locally instead of online. Specifically, I really want to visit the Korean beauty store here called Choc Choc and the home-goods store, Humboldt House. In general I'd like to shop in person more even for the big chain stores I frequent, as studies show you spend less money in person than you do online - and that is certainly the case with myself.

7. Eat healthier, cook more. Buy some cook books and learn some new recipes so I have an arsenal of meals to feel confident with.

8. Start curating my wardrobe. I never used to have a specific style but I am beginning to develop one. I want to push myself to get rid of all the clothes I've held on to for years because they're easy instead of because I adore them. Invest in some staple pieces like a new wool coat and some killer high waisted jeans.

9. Get my favorite black leather boots re-soled. It's been a year for fuckssake.

10. Go back to blonde. It's been 14+ years of red hair, it's time.

11. Budget my money better and really focus on eliminating my credit card debt.

12. Floss more. Lord knows I'll continue to avoid the dentist so at the very least I need to be on top of my dental hygiene game at home.

13. Get better at using body lotion. My poor skin - I put so much care and effort into the skin on my face but the rest of my body I kind of ignore.

14. Use my days off more wisely. Specifically, use them to go out and do more, e.g., read in the park, take long walks, explore different neighborhoods, find free things to do in Chicago, etc.

15. Network more, get involved with all the incredible women in this city.

16. Finally, my eternal resolution, the one I've made every year for the better part of a decade and still not achieved....learn how to fold a fitted sheet.

How about you? What are you hoping to achieve this year?



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