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To say I am excited about the fine jewelry trends for 2021 is an understatement. 2021will see rise to all of my favorite styles of jewelry, and I can't wait! Here's hoping I am a good girl and can save my pennies so I can actually buy some of it this year. Read on to learn more about the pieces you're going to fall in love with this year.

Dome Rings

Over the past few years, super delicate and dainty jewelry has reigned supreme. While it's not going anywhere soon, it is slowly being shoved aside by bolder, thicker pieces. Dome rings, originally made popular in the mid 20th century, are back with a vengeance. From classic croissant-style rings to modern celestial twists, expect to see this bulbous silhouette everywhere this year.

TL: Arrowhead Hunt, TR: Charlie + Marcelle, BL: Ochre Objects, BR: Last Line LA

My Dome Ring Picks:


Is this new? No. Does it surprise anyone? Also no. Astrological jewelry slowed down for a minute in 2020 but I'm sure all of us millennials had a panic attack because it's already shooting right back up to front and center for 2021. I will say the category is broadening, it's not just about your personal astrological sign (Leo here!) - it's about the entire cosmos.

TL: Logal Hollowell, TR: Jessie V E, BL&C: Dana Rebecca Designs, BR: Monica Rich Kosann

My Celestial Picks:

Human/Female Form

As self care, self love, self acceptance trends, as does the human form, particularly the female form (as it should, it's beautiful). Expect to see the body celebrated even more in 2021, and expect to find it in your jewelry.

LTR: Dallas Maynard, Pamela Love, Fraser Hamilton, DMD Metal, Atlier Narce, Vada Jewelry, Bjorg Jewellery

My Human Form Picks:

1970's (& 90's) Nostalgia

If you are like me and were a kid in the 90's and miss it desperately, you're in luck: the iconic symbols of our youth are back! (Technically they started in the 60s and 70s, not the 90s, but like, let it go.) You'll be wearing your smiley faces, yin yangs, rainbows, and peace signs all over again...but this time in gold and diamonds.

TL: Last Line LA, TR: Sydney Evan, BL: Eden Presley BR: Elisa Solomon

My Nostalgia Picks


Continuing with the bigger and bolder trend, coin jewelry is having a moment. Especially pieces that look ancient. I love to layer them with daintier pieces for a balanced look.

L2R: Always Aleda, Omi Woods, Azlee

My Coin Picks

Mythology/Ancient Cultures

It's no secret I grew up watching Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, and subsequently wished I was them. I devoured books about ancient civilizations and even got a degree in Classical Civilization, as well as studied Ancient Egyptian Archaeology at the University College of London. I bring this up because the number one thing I wanted was to wear the jewelry. The ancients fucking LOVED gold. In 2021, you'll finally be able to find 14k gold and diamond jewelry designed to look just like what your favorite historical figures wore, or at least inspired by their myths.

L2R: Always Aleda, Omi Woods, Logan Hollowell, Azlee, Pamela Love, Charlie + Marcelle

My Mythology and Ancient Civilization Picks

Signet Rings

Lastly, if you don't have a signet ring in 2021, hon, you're not invited. I kid. Sort of. Signet rings are the new dainty diamond stacking band - except they're literally the opposite. They're bold, often don't have any stones, and the shape makes them hard to stack. I mean they are the new diamond stacking band in that they are the season's must have ring, and I don't expect this trend to go anywhere anytime soon. I LOVE a signet ring as a pinky ring. How very Mountbatten-Windsor.

TL: Digby & Iona, TR: Sydney Evan, BL: Maiden Voyage, BR: Fiat Lux SF

My Signet Picks

What trend are you most excited to add to your collection in 2021? I have my eye on quite a few things (of course I do). I'm extremely excited to see bolder designs coming into favor lately. I love delicate and dainty jewelry, don't get me wrong, but there is just something about a hefty, weighty, solid gold piece that touches my soul just right.

The only affiliate link in this blog is on the Dana Rebecca Designs items, so if you found a new favorite piece today, even if you just end up following them on social media, please let the brand know I sent you! It helps - truly.



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