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lady bits & Lady Pits

VAGINA! Okay, good, we got that out of the way. Yes, I am reviewing a product specifically made for pubic hair/skin. (And obviously yes I know the vagina is inside the body and the part you’d use the oil on is the pelvic and vulva region but “vagina” was more fun to scream. I digress.) You’ve seen it all over instagram, you’re curious about it, you wonder if you need it. Well, you do. I didn’t know I did until I started using it so it's fair you don't know you need it. It’s almost comical how one of my resolutions this year was to take better care of the skin on my body and yet I still didn’t even think of the skin of my pubic area. Emma Watson thinks about hers (she loves the Fur Oil) and if Emma Watson does it we should all probably do it.

If you’re a member of the beauty and skincare community you’ve probably read quite a few reviews for the Fur Oil by now. Primarily an oil aimed at addressing the pubic region it’s actually an oil friendly for any part of your body you have hair - especially the areas you shave. It's main ingredients are a blend of oils including grapeseed, jojoba, tea trea, and clary sage seed - all which have their own perks. I can attest the multitude of rave reviews rang true for me as well - it has softened my skin & hair, calmed razor rash, and helped cut the amount of ingrown hairs I get by about half. I won’t spend a lot of time going on and on about things everyone else has already said; basically, the oil works exactly as it says it will. Instead I am going to talk about an unexpected added benefit of the Fur Oil I haven't heard anyone else mention.

The main area I get ingrown hairs and razor rash is actually my underarms. I don’t know why I’ve decided those patches of skin are unworthy of special attention but I don’t even use a decent razor for my pits let alone any sort of treatment. Yet, it's the one area of my body I never skip shaving. This, inevitably, translates to me having underarm razor rash all the damn time. So I started using Fur Oil after I shaved and unsurprisingly the skin softened, the rashes resolved, and the ingrowns all but disappeared (the few stragglers are most assuredly due to the fact I still use grocery store razors, I promise I’ll stop soon). Surprisingly, however, I noticed something I didn’t expect at all: my sweat smelled better. Now, don’t get me wrong - I’m not an aggressively smelly person here or anything, but I’m a human in summer who commutes to work pressed into a bunch of strangers on a train - sweat happens. A lot. I’ve always washed with antibacterial soap and used a fairly decent -albiet cliche- deodorant (Old Spice Wolfthorn, don’t @ me) but the summertime heat still yielded some stinky lady pits. Until the fur oil. Fur Oil contains tea tree oil which is antibacterial. (If you didn’t get the gist, bacteria is what makes you smell.) Seemingly, the addition of the oil to my routine has amped up the protection against sweaty body odor and I’m grateful AF. Now, I’m not saying you can use Fur as a deodorant on it’s own, I’m just saying it has certainly proven a helpful addition and is worth trying.

So there you have it. The Fur Oil will not only smooth your skin and hair, soothe rashes and eradicate ingrowns, it will also make your sweat stink less. Although I'm sure Emma Watson doesn't smell at all so she probably doesn't need it.



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