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Nordstrom anniversary sale recommendations

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Back when I used to dress up. Ah, memories!

Every August, Nordstrom hosts their Anniversary Sale. Many brands take this opportunity to pump out some special edition items, priced at a markdown. The sale has started for early access card-holders, and opens to everyone else on August 13th. It is a great time to shop for next season, or grab some of your favorite products at a discounted price. Enough people enjoyed my stories with my top product picks that I decided to create a dedicated post for them. Interestingly enough, I actually think the home and decor section has some of the best products this year. Since we are all still stuck at home indefinitely because of COVID-19, why not take this opportunity to pick up some items that will make your extended stay more comfortable? Here is a round-up of some of my current favorite items, as well as some of the best deals of the sale.

  • The Rose Gold Riki Skinny Mirror is a personal favorite. With multiple bright settings as well as a phone holder, this mirror is ideal for creating content. If you aren't creating content, the mirror's multiple lighting settings still provide optimal assistance for applying your makeup.

  • This super plush Leopard Print Blanket that is a celebrity favorite. I have one I purchased at the rack, and its such a great throw blanket. The ultra-popular leopard print ones never go on sale!

Ironically enough, even though I am mostly known as a skincare and beauty blogger, the item I have "influenced" people to buy the most are these high waisted soft stretch underwear. They are, hands down, the most comofortable underwear I own. They also come in hipster, thong, bikini, and even French cut.

  • A set of Diptyque Mini Candles. I love Diptyque candles. The scents are unique, the vessels are beautiful, and they usually have a fantastic scent throw.

  • These 14k Gold and Diamond Mini Huggie Earrings. I actually work for this brand, and we put out limited edition items for the Nordstrom anniversary sale every year. These gold huggies earrings were the most requested item by Nordstrom, and we have a feeling they will go FAST because of the price. I think they are the best deal of the sale - they're the perfect everyday huggie earring that will go with everything.

  • Some crisp, white, linen sheets. Believe me when I say your entire bed just feels more luxe when you're sleeping in white sheets.

  • A Waffle Weave Blanket that will keep you cozy as you move into fall and the colder months, but look stunning no matter the season.

  • A limited edition exclusive color Hydro-Flask for your inner cool-kid.

  • Another set from Diptyque, their Eau Rose Eau de Toilette & Hair Mist Duo. While Rose isn't my personal scent choice, I know people swear by this scent. Again, their packaging and formulations are always on point, so if this is a fav scent of your, this is a great deal.

  • A pair of cozy and chic Ugg House Slippers that will keep your toes warm and look cute as hell while doing it.

  • I think we are sensing a theme here, aren't we? This Leopard Print Barefoot Dreams Cardigan is like being wrapped in your favorite blanket at all times. I bought a plain grey colored one last year during the sale and it is hands down my most reached for item on chilly mornings.

  • For those less in love with leopard but still craving the cozy, they make this stunning option that is a little longer and comes in neutral shades.

That's it from me! The sale obviously has thousands of items, but these are the ones that caught my immediate attention. Let me know if you pick anything up!



*This post contains affiliate links

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