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Resolution Check in

I fully intended to do this post in June, so it would be a true half-year check in. But if you know me personally or follow me on instagram you know I have been insanely busy with starting a new job, having a wedding reception, and moving. So it's a seven month check in. Whatevs. If you recall my resolutions post you recall I set some hefty goals for myself this year. I figured it might worth checking in, letting you know how they're going. Spoiler alert: not well.

1. Work out more. Lol, yeah I quit my gym and haven’t worked out since April, basically. It’s weighing heavy on me, figuratively and literally. I’ve stopped hating myself for it, thankfully, but I did really let myself down. I haven't seen my photos from my wedding reception yet but I already know I’m going to be mad at how I look. Stress and life got the best of me and working out wasn’t a priority. I’m still trying to get back into it, find time, figure out when I can work out without it feeling like such a burden.

2. Declutter my life. I did this one! Seriously I got rid of so much stuff it made my head spin how much shit I was hanging onto. I feel loads lighter and actually still have the urge to keep purging more possessions.

3. Figure out what I want to do with my career. It was really down to the wire with this one. I found a job about three weeks before the jewelry store I had been working at for almost three years closed. Thankfully it’s with a fine jewelry designer I’ve been following for years - and I’m not in sales! I kept saying I wanted a job away from customer service -years of it had drained me emotionally- and now I sit at desk surrounded by wonderful people and have zero interaction with customers. It’s amazing.

4. Read more, and keep count. Another fail for the first half of the year. Between January and June I read two books. Two. Technically 1.5 because I didn’t finish the second one. However, once Ryan and I moved I started commuting to work via public transit and have already been better about spending the ride reading. The second half of the year definitely will be spent reading.

4.5 Re-read old college books and new books on similar subjects. To be fair I did actually attempt this. But I failed. It’s still a resolution I intend to keep, though.

5. Be less influenced by social media. Eh, this was a bit of a pass/fail. I would say for the first few months of the year I did this very well, then quickly failed and started buying things nonstop. Then I had a good month and half when I was better again. It comes and goes.

6. Make time to visit more Chicago based stores and shop locally instead of online. Specifically, I really want to visit the Korean beauty store here called Choc Choc and the home-goods store, Humboldt House. Fail, again. I’ve been so busy with finding a job, starting the job, the wedding reception, and moving I’ve had no time to do anything fun. However the good weather is finally here and I hope I don’t waste it and get out in my beautiful city more!

7. Eat healthier, cook more. Buy some cookbooks and learn some new recipes so I have an arsenal of meals to feel confident with. A solid attempt was made. I bought a few cookbooks, tried some recipes, but none really stuck. Again, with how stressful and busy the first half of my year was, it became a tedious chore to try and eat healthy. But since I’m eating like crap and not working out, my body is really taking a toll. If i'm not going to working out, I at least need to be eating well.

8. Start curating my wardrobe. Push myself to get rid of all the clothes I've held on to for years because they're easy instead of because I adore them. Invest in some staple pieces. Of course this is the one I’m actively doing, the one requiring I spend money. I’m rolling my eyes at myself don’t worry. Once I purged more than half my wardrobe I’ve been much better about taking time to find pieces I truly enjoy instead of jumping on each new trend.

9. Get my favorite black leather boots re-soled. It's been a year for fuckssake. Omfg I really need to do this. What is wrong with me?

10. Go back to blonde. It's been 14+ years of red hair, it's time. Check! Bonus: I also recently chopped my hair to my chin. I have short blonde hair. It’s given me a confidence boost for sure and I’m extremely glad I did it.

11. Budget my money better and really focus on eliminating my credit card debt. Sigh, an embarrassing fail. My debt has only gotten worse.

12. Floss more. Pffffft, fail.

13. Get better at using body lotion. It took a $90 body lotion to do it (thanks, Aesop) but I now finally moisturize my entire body on the regs. I’m an idiot for not doing it sooner, and highly recommend everyone to start caring for the skin on the body as they do the skin on their face.

14. Use my days off more wisely. eh...kind of a pass? Mostly a fail though. I’m such a homebody. I wish I had spent more time exploring my city on my days off. However with the recent move I live in a much more walkable neighborhood so I see this resolution coming to fruition in the second half of they year

15. Network more, get involved with all the incredible women in this city. Fail. I suck. Chicago girl bosses get at me - be my friend!

16. Finally, my eternal resolution, the one I've made every year for the better part of a decade and still not achieved....learn how to fold a fitted sheet. I still have zero clue. Oh well.

So, yeah. It seems I've mostly failed. But looking back at this year so far I don't feel like I've failed just that life happens. The first half of 2018 was incredibly busy and stressful for me, and I think I managed to get through it as best as I could. Things are settling down, and I fully intend to enjoy the second half of year and achieve more of my resolutions. How has your year been so far?



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