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September check-in

Instead of having a "favorites" posts each month of only new products, I figured I'd check in each month to talk about anything in my routine that has changed, what is still working, and, yes, also talk about anything new. I'm on a spending ban for October and I am actively trying to spend less on products in general. Having this blog and Instagram account has been encouraging me to constantly spend money and buy more products sooner than I would have if I didn't have these social media accounts. I figured if I make these posts "check-ins", I'll be less likely to go out of my way to make sure I have new products to talk about each month. Are you laughing at the likelihood of my success in this endeavor? Me too. But we shall try!

Let's get down to it. September brought many a wonderful thing, e.g., the beginning of fall, leaves changing, honey crisp apples coming into season...oh, and, I got married. It was a pretty perfect month. I mentally readied myself for the transition to heavier creams & serums, darker lip colors, etc., however, the weather here in Chicago is still in the 80's even today as I write this on October 2nd, so the transition is on hold until fall truly arrives.

This month I switched out my Glossier Milky Jelly for DHC's Cleansing Oil. I love my Milky Jelly for how gentle it is, yet my skin still feels slightly dry after using it, so it's been moved to my shower for morning/post workout cleansing, and that seems to be a better fit. The DHC Cleansing Oil is just as gentle but my skin doesn't feel at all dry after using it. I still remove my makeup before cleansing with micellar water even though I am perfectly positive this could remove my makeup. For whatever reason I firmly believe removing makeup and cleansing are two different things and should always be done individually. Anyway, back to this cleanser. It begins as an oil and turns to a frothy cleanser when mixed with water, gently removes grime, and leaves the skin fleeing hydrated and clean.

Speaking of DHC, I'm in love with their Ceramide Milk. The name would suggest a watery, lightweight moisturizer, but boy is it anything but. It is rich (but not, like, balm rich), creamy, and intensely moisturizing. After using it for a little over a month, I have noticed my skin retaining moisture better than it has, well, ever. Overall my skin also just looks better. People compliment me on it. It's amazing! But seven hells, this product may be discontinued. I went to try and find the ingredient list for this blog but alas, it is no longer available on DHC's website or Derm Store where I purchased it. I could cry. Of course I find my HG moisturizer and it gets discontinued. I have reached out to the brand via instagram to see what the deal is, fingers crossed they're not actually getting rid of it, but my hopes aren't high. Whelp. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions for moisturizers similar to this one!

Moving on to makeup, I've been really loving the Becca Lush Lip Colour Balm in Chai Creme. It's the perfect nude-brown for fall. The formula feels light and buttery like a balm, but the color payoff is much more like that of a lipstick. And the packaging. Well, we all know what a sucker I am for packaging and this packaging could convince me to run away to a foreign country with it. I'm still loving the Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation that I reviewed in my last post so I won't go too far into another review and just say it's still creamy, lovely and super glow-y.

I'm also still loving the perfectly melon stain the Fenty Beauty Matchstick in "Chilli Mango" gives. It honestly looks like you've taken an orange popsicle and smudged it all over your face, except less sticky and more socially acceptable. It dries down and doesn't budge all day, yet looks creamy and freshly applied the whole while. I work 9 hour days, so this is huge for me. After my spending ban ends I fully intend to go back for Ridiiic, a golden papaya color.

What were everyone's favorite products of September? Anything you think I need to break my spending band for?



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