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Wake up. You are strong. Beautiful. You’re Cleopatra ruling her empire, you are Persephone bringing Spring back to the barren world, you’re Lilith refusing to be dominated by Adam, Circe taming wild beasts at her feet. You are golden.


Cleanse the skin with a creamy cleanser, gently wiping away the sleep from your eyes.

Mix together The Problem Solver, apply it generously all over your perfect face. Feel its warm tingling on your skin as you ease into your morning, sipping tea or tending to your plants and animal familiars.

Run a bath or hot shower, let the steam open your pores and rinse away the mask. Shave, don’t shave, who cares? Inhale the scents of the aromatic eucalyptus hanging in your shower, now opening in the steam. Use donkey milk soap to cleanse the body, gentle and calming.

After bathing, use Fur Oil to soften your body hair and soothe razor burn, prevent in-growns. You need no irritation.

Spritz your face with a floral mist, like jasmine or lavender to calm and follow by pressing 3 drops of Leo Oil into your skin, maybe use a jade roller for extra relaxation.

Gently massage in a pump of Morning Light moisturizer to your face and neck, following with a generous scoop or two of Botanical Body Cream for the rest of your warrior limbs.


[You are radiant.]

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