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I'll be honest - I had no intention of doing this blog this season. I've barely been online, and with everything happening in Palestine, I can't even think about makeup. The idea of combing through my purchases in the last year to update this made me want to cry until I realized I had only bought five new things from Sephora since the fall sale, and only three are worth adding to the ongoing list. That all said, four people messaged me asking when my blog was going up. So, I figured, easy enough, I'll take five minutes to update this and send it your way.

As always, if you do not want nor have the means to shop the annual Fall Sephora sale, skip it and don't feel guilty about it. This sale is only a really good deal for people who have a Rouge status and get 20% off - if you do not, this could be another reason to skip because most brands offer deeper discounts than Sephora offers. However, if there are multiple items you are shopping for, it might be easier and cheaper to shop them at once from one store. Lastly, it's always a good time to restock a favorite item at a discount. I add to this running list every time they have a sale, so some of this might be repetitive to you. I will add all new items to the beginning of each section to make it easier for my regulars. You may notice some brands and products on this list I no longer support - I leave them on the list as I still get asked about them and know the reviews are helpful for some. Once I finish these products, I do not plan to repurchase them.

I usually include what I plan to pick up in the sale in these blogs, but I am not shopping this time around.

*Someone asked me this, so, as an FYI, if you're looking to support creators with their affiliate links, whatever link you click last will get the "commission," so, no, you can't support multiple creators' links unless you place multiple orders, which is not worth the effort. Thank you in advance for shopping with me! It helps me keep this page going.

The Sephora Sale dates & discounts are as follows:

Rouge 20% off - 04/05-/04/15

VIB 15% off - 04/09-/04/15

Insider 10% off - 04/09-/04/15

Sephora Collection 30% off - 04/05-/04/15 for Rouge, 04/09-/04/15, all other tiers

The Sephora Sale Discount Code this year is YAYSAVE.

Use code YAYSAVE to save up to 30% in this year's Sephora Spring Savings Event Sale.

For the TLDR Version: Here is a full shop list of all the products listed below organized by category, in photo form. The reviews can be found by tapping the "i" icon.

For Reference: My skin type is dry and sensitive. I prefer fragrance-free formulas due to my skin sensitivity. I have rosacea and melasma.

Let's begin!



Sephora Collection Retractable Lip Liner - One of the best lip liners out there. It glides on with minimal effort and stays put. I have several shades, including the nudest, the red, sink or suede, and rose wine.

Tower28 LipSoftie Hydrating Lip Treatment Balm - I'm going to be honest - there is nothing special or groundbreaking about this formula. The Ube Vanilla color, however, is the exact sheer berry brown shade I've been hunting for for what feels like years. It does it's job, but the color is what has me hooked.

Saint Jane Luxury Lip Shine - This is a really comfortable lip oil that leaves my lips feeling hydrated once it wears off. The berry shade isn't too saturated, and isn't too purple.

Rare Beauty Kind Words Matte Lip Liner - Lip liner and lip gloss is my go-to combination lately and the shade range from Rare is so delectable. This ultra-skinny liner glides on effortlessly but has great staying power.

Clinique Pop Plush Creamy Lip Gloss - This is aptly named as it is such a plush, cushiony lip gloss that almost feels like a lip oil. Do yourself a favor and get this in the Black Honey Shade instead of the classic waxy lipstick of Blackhoney; same color, and way better formula.

Tower28 One-liner Multi-Liner- I love this liner - it's so creamy and glides along your lips. There is zero tugging and I swear the shades are universally flattering.

Makeup Forever Aqua Liner - I thought this product had been discontinued so imagine my delight when I realized they just condensed the shade offering! This aqua-gel-liner is thick and grippy, and stays on for AGES. I love shade 14c rosewood for a my lips but better look.

Iconic London Lustre Lip Oil - This is a special one. The applicator spins as it glides across your lips and leaves the most subtle wash of color. I love the peach and the cherry, scented to match the tint. The formula is delectable and leaves my lips feeling hydrated and smooth.

YSL Candle Glaze Gloss Stick - This lipstick-lip gloss hybrid is the best of both worlds. Recently reformulated, I still love this iconic lippie. The packaging is lush and luxe, the scent is an addictive papaya, and the formula gives a fairly pigmented wash of color that feels like a slippery balm. I have Flashing Rosé and an eyeing a few more.

Givenchy Le Rouge Interdit 24H Hydrating Lip Balm - This is reminiscent of the cult-favorite Dior Lip Glow balms. It is a traditional waxy balm, but it isn't as drying, at least not on me. No.10 looks black in the tube but adjusts to a PH-perfect shade of berry. Many other brands have tried to achieve a PH berry and they've all looked magenta on me, this is the first to give the perfect wash of plum I've been hunting for. The packaging is also, thankfully, divine.

Kulfi Heirloom Satin Lipstick - For the most part I am not a lipstick person. But sometimes I make exceptions. This is a classic by hydrating formula with the perfect amount of opacity. I only have one shade, First Sari, a neutral berry, but it is just gorgeous and I reach for it when I want something with a little but more oomph but without that heavy lipstick feel.

LAWLESS Forget The Filler Lip Plumper Line Smoothing Gloss - While I normally shy away from plumping glosses (I'm a wuss), this one isn't painful and definitely makes the lips look plush and plump. I love the watermelon color for warmer months.

CAY SKIN Isle Lip Balm SPF 30 with Sea Moss and Aloe Stem Cells - If you don't have an SPF lip balm in your purse at all times what are you doing? I get it - most SPF lip balms taste like literal sunscreen, but I'm happy to report the Cay Skin one is an exception. Not only does it provide sun protection but the balm itself is nourishing and comfortable. I have all three, and use them regularly.

OLEHENRIKSEN Pout Preserve Hydrating Peptide Lip Treatment - I am going to put this here and with skincare because there is a tinted version I cannot wait for - I'm grabbing it in the sale. This is such a good lip balm. I keep it on my vanity for when I do my skincare and just adore it. It has the signature creamsicle scent and keeps my lips moisturized for hours.

Ami Colé Lip Treatment Oil - This is the plushest cushiony, sumptuous, most comfortable lip oil I have ever used in my life. I have three colors, and Bliss is my ride-or-die. It makes my lips look kissable and plump, and I will never not have this in my arsenal. *Update - due to the "clean" nature of this formula, all my glosses went bad in under a year. I still think this is a stand-out gloss, but be mindful of how long it will last you.

Innbeauty Project Lip Glaze Oil - This is, hands down, my favorite lip oil. It is similar to the Ami Colé, but more sheer a bit more slippery. The scent is just like an apple jolly rancher, and I cannot get enough. The tint is a sheer deep red that looks universally flattering on just about everyone. This year they're offering some sets, which are a great way to save and grab a few colors.

Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm - This went viral for good reason. The slipperiest, butteriest, shiniest lip hybrid I've ever tried, the glossy balm makes your lips look sensuous and shiny. The packaging is luxe and fancy, and the slim packaging fits in any clutch. I have two more in my cart for the sale.

GXVE Bubble Pop Electric High-Performance Clean Lip Gloss - Okay, hear me out. This formula is actually really incredible. It's very long-lasting while being incredibly comfortable on the lips. The color "All My Love" is a rich, yummy red-brown color that I think is universally flattering. The scent is sugary vanilla - like cake batter, which I normally hate but somehow it doesn't bother me. I have my eyes on the hot pink shade next; the others don't look particularly worthwhile.

Rare Beauty With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm - This is a lovely, cushy tinted lip balm. The formula is soft, and you can build up the color quite a bit before it starts to look cakey.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil - First, this is more of a tint. Manage your expectations on that. But it's a really dang good one. The color starts super shiny, and once that wears off it leaves a beautiful long-lasting stain behind. The formula doesn't dry my lip out as it wears off, so if you, like me, such at reapplication, then this could be for you!

Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm - This is the plushest, most comfortable lip gloss/balm hybrid. It is as nourishing as it is comfortable and provides a stunning glossy shine. It wears off fairly quickly, but for a gloss, this is not surprising. My lips feel soft and hydrated after wearing this. I love nearly apricot, nearly rose, and nearly berry.

Glossier Ultralip High Shine Lipstick with Hyaluronic Acid - If you like lipsticks that feel like lip balms and give you a kiss of color like you just ate a popsicle, then you'll love this formula. It's comfortable, you can apply it without looking, and the colors are various. Can't mess it up, which I love.

Fenty Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain - I LIVE in these during summer months. It truly does make it look like you just ate a popsicle. The stain lasts quite a long time and never feels drying. I love putting this on before I go to the beach and not having to worry about it.

Hourglass Unlocked Satin Creme Lipstick - A great classic, creamy lipstick formula with more color payoff than others with similar formulas. I definitely need to prep my lips to wear this, and my lips can feel dry after it wears off, but that is to be expected. This formula is very long-lasting and leaves a soft even stain of color as it wears off, which I love. Oasis, Dahlia, and Tropic are my favorite shades.

Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic Happiness Lipstick Balm - I own four of these. The formula is just...indescribable. Which is not helpful, is it? It is a creamy, serum-like balm with a decently pigmented, but not opaque, color. The packaging is cheap and awful, but I don't care because the formula is that good.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm - This subtly tinted lip balm is darn cute. The shade Vanilla Beige nearly matches my natural lip color. I particularly enjoy the curved applicator that hugs your lips as you apply. Is it my favorite lip balm of all time? No. I like the Rhode and the Naturium better (not sold a Sephora), but this one is a best seller for a reason.

Dior Lip Glow - This iconic custom color lip balm has been a beauty blogger favorite for YEARS, and I am still not tired of it. They keep releasing new shades, but my go-to is Rosewood or Beige.

Bobbi Brown Crush Oil-Infused Gloss - The perfect lip gloss does not exist? Bullshit. It does, and this is it. New Romantic is the nude pink gloss of my goddamn dreams. Free Spirit is a nude beige color so luscious it will make you cry. The formula is, and I cannot stress this enough, NOT STICKY. It's sumptuous and lush, and hydrating. Just buy it already and thank me later.

Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick - The packaging alone is worth the price tag for this stunning lipstick. It instantly transports you to Old Hollywood. I love the sheer formula, and my favorites are shades 205 Hold Your Man, 110 Marguerite Jade, 603 Marina Violet, and 25* Goldie Red.


Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint Lip + Cheek Blush Stain - This is one of the best stains I've ever used for lips and cheeks. It dries down very quickly, so you have to work fast, but once it's set, it isn't budging.

Mango People Mango Cream Blush & Lip Multistick - Do you remember the Bite Beauty Multi Sticks? I loved them and miss them but always felt they were a little bit dry, so imagine my delight when I found this. It is small, user-friendly, gives a subtle but buildable wash of color, but it is also very hydrating and dry-skin friendly.

Ciele blush & PROTECT SPF 50+ liquid blush - This became a fast favorite after I purchased it. The easy-to-blend formula sets and lasts all day but never looks cakey or dry. I love the shades Kirsty and Behati, and the SPF 50 is a delightful bonus.

Saie Glow Sculpt Multi-Use Cream Highlighting Blush - At first I was not sure if I would like this. Some people reported it emphasized their skin texture and was glittery. This was not the case for me. If you like the Westman Atelier highlight you'll like these. They are a bit dryer on first touch and don't blend as easily as other formulas but I find the finish to be very flattering and radiant. I love the bronze shade all over my face for summer and the mauve for cooler months.

MAKEUP BY MARIO Soft Pop Plumping Blush Veil - One of my favorite bronzer formulas was released in blush form and you bet your booty I stocked up. This dry-skin friendly blush is soft, plumping, and smooth. It can wear off after a few hours, so longevity is not its key selling point. Rather, I reach for it for its soft but buildable colors and supremely comfortable formula.

NARS Afterglow Liquid Blush - If the Rare Beauty blushes are too pigmented for you but you liked the applicator and formula, you'll love the Nars Afterglow. These blend like a dream and feel like a gel-cream upon application but actually dry down and stay put. The colors are much more sheer than the Rare, but still buildable.

Kulfi Mehndi Moment Long-Lasting Radiant Cream Blush - Oh, man. I did not have high expectations for this blush. And yet, it has stolen my heart and become one of my favorite cream blushes I have ever used. It's just incredible. It is creamy, easy to blend, and dries down to a natural finish that doesn't budge. The shade Pinky Promise is the *perfect* pink. I also love Sandalwood Swirls. The packaging isn't my favorite, but it works better than most tube products I have.

Ami Colé Desert Date Cream Blush & Lip Multistick - If you want the Kulfi blush but you prefer a stick formula, this is it! Just as creamy and blendable, just as long-wearing and stunning...this blush is something different. I have shades Dune and Spice and love them both but particularly love Dune.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush - Yes, this is a viral TikTok product you have probably seen non-stop. Is it worth it? Yes. Just, simply, yes. It is SUPER pigmented. A pinprick of color is enough for each cheek. I prefer the "dewy" shades over the matte. My favorites are Hope, Worth, and Encourage. They are easy to blend, very long-lasting, and have a natural finish.

Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Flushed - Matte Color for Cheek & Lip - I am about to sound like a broken record, but this blush formula is unbelievable. It is blendable, delivers stunning color, and gives a subtle blurring effect that makes your skin look like glass. I have Rose N Brunch as well as Jubilee and adore them both! They are, thankfully, fragrance-free.

Rose Inc Divine Cream Blush - This blush formula is one of the most unique I have ever used. It has a tackiness to it straight out the pan that helps it stay in place, but it is still very blendable. And it doesn't budge! My dry, sensitive skin loves this cream blush deeply. I have the shades heliotrope, foxglove, and dahlia. This blush is refillable, too, and the packaging is ::chef's kiss::.

Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick - This is a long-time love that is finally available at Sephora. Stick formulas are tricky, but this blush finds that happy medium between blendable and long-wearing. My favorite color is Chouchette.

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush - I used to own this blush in like five colors and then (stupidly) purged all five to a friend long ago. I missed them a lot and repurchased two - Nude Pop and Heather Pop. The formula is unique; it is a gel powder that almost feels like a cream and wears as long as a powder. It is an excellent dupe for the Mac Glow Play blush.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush - I am a cream blush girl, but this radiant formula has my heart. This finely milled dream blush has a subtle sheen. When I use it, I apply an even, light dusting across my cheeks, and it somehow gives the effect of blush, bronzer, and highlight. It is my go-to when I want to look effortlessly radiant. Brilliant Nude is my favorite shade of this formula, but they're all stunning. I recently purchased the shade "At Night" - a gorgeous brick red, and holy heck, is it an ideal winter shade.

Bronzer + Contour

iNNBEAUTY PROJECT Bronze Face Glaze Gel Cream - You already know and love the original shade of this powerhouse (or maybe you don't, but you should) and I was thrilled when they created a bronze shade. This product is just so versatile - I mix into my moisturizer on no makeup days, add it to my foundation in the summer, or wear it as a classic liquid bronzer.

HAUS LABS BY LADY GAGA Power Sculpt Velvet Bronzer with Fermented Arnica - If you're looking for a matte, natural-looking bronzer with an expansive shade range, you should take a look at this one from Haus Labs. It has a great range of not only inclusive tones but also undertones, so if you have neutral or olive undertones and find it hard to find bronzers that don't make you look orange, this one could be a great fit. It blends easily and wears well.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Cream Bronzer - If you're fair like me and struggle to find cool or neutral-toned bronzers, I am thrilled to report this does the job and it does damn well. The pan is also so huge it'll take a lifetime to finish it.

Westman Atelier Face Trace Cream Contour Stick - This cool-toned contour stick is neutral enough to use as a bronzer if you want, but it contours beautifully as well. It is super blendable. I am not a huge stick formula fan, but this contour is magic. I wear shade biscuit.

MILK Makeup Sculpt Cream Contour Stick - If mini things are more your style and you don't want to be as spendy as the Westman Atelier, the Milk is the way to go. It offers a wide shade range, and the formula is easy to use and very blendable. I wear "toasted."

Makeup By Mario SoftSculpt® Transforming Skin Enhancer - If you want something that is no-fuss, impossible to mess up, and gives a gorgeous, soft warmth, then this product is perfect for you. I bought it last summer and used it almost daily. It is so easy to use and gives just a pop of warmth that looks incredibly natural. I wear the shade "light medium."

Huda Beauty GlowWish Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder - This may be my perfect powder bronzer. It gives a soft, radiant glow without any noticeable shimmer and zero glitter. The formula is a cream-powder hybrid that blends easily but stays put.

Saie Sun Melt Natural Cream Bronzer - I finally found the best cream bronzer on the market. Okay, that may be exaggerating as I have not tried all the cream bronzers on the market, but I think this one is the best. Fragrance-free, blendable, has it all. Unlike other cream bronzers I have tried in the past, this one wears well throughout the day. I wear the lightest shade, giving me the perfect amount of warmth.

Hourglass Ambient Bronzer - I prefer a matte bronzer (mainly because most bronzers on the market that have shimmer look ridiculous). Still, this radiant, luminous version changed my mind. It has a stunning soft glow, and it is easy to build. I wear shade Nude Bronze Light, but after seeing and swatching these in person, I think I could get away with the two darker shades. It is also fragrance-free, hard to find in bronzers, but a must for me.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Matte Bronzer - This might be the best matte powder bronzer I have ever used. The silicone-infused formula glides on the skin and gives you that signature "airbrushed" look. Blending is a dream with this beauty. I wear shade 2. The pan is also MASSIVE so it will last you forever and then some.


Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Cream Highlighter - Okay, so this is a highlighter, but I LOVE using it as a one-and-done, all-over product. The peachy shade, Peau De Peche, works for me as blush/bronzer/highlight all over my cheeks, and I loved popping it on my eyes to finish.

Rare Beauty Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter - This is not your 2012 highlighter - she is finely milled and shines like the fucking starts but somehow manages not to emphasize texture too much. I love dusting this on my cheeks when I want to blind people. I have all shades (except flaunt) and adore them all.

Danessa Myricks Dew Wet Hydrating and Highlighting Balm - I feel like everyone's dream highlighter does not shimmer or sparkle but simply makes their skin GLOW and has a wet look. This is that. This simple, transparent balm gives your skin the perfect wet look glow. The translucent color is everything you've ever wanted a cream highlighter to be.

InnBeauty Project Face Glaze - This could be in skincare as well - but I primarily use it as a highlighter or all over under foundation. It's a beautifully hydrating moisturizing highlight with finely milled shimmer. I can (and do) often wear it alone to make my face just look radiant and healthy. It is fragrance-free and just lovely.

Tom Ford Illuminating Powder Duo - Somewhere between a bronzer, blush, and highlighter, this multi-purpose duo is a does-it-all multitasker. I have the shade Moodlight. The lightweight powder formula makes people look radiant as if a professional light crew is following them around. I love it immensely. I also LOVE to buy TF during the Sephora sale bc she is pricey.

Priming + Finishing Products

MILK Makeup Hydro Grip Setting + Refreshing Spray - I was skeptical about this product but decided to give it a try last summer and am thrilled I did. It really does set your makeup without changing the finish.

NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base - I cannot live without eye primer. My lids are simply too oily. This is my most re-purchased makeup product ever. I have lost count of how many tubes I have gone through. It gives me 8+ hours of creaseless wear with any formula. Love.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Finishing Powder - If you want to set your makeup but don't want to make it matte, grab one of these. The ultra-fine powder will set your makeup without sacrificing glow.

Saie Airset Radiant Loose Setting Powder - I have never been a fan of loose setting powder. This powder is the powder for people who hate powders. It has a slightly shimmering effect to set and blur the skin. While I have dry, sensitive skin, I still get oily throughout the day. This keeps my makeup looking fresh but not baked.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Power - With a cult-like following, this setting powder may be the most purchased item from all of Charlotte Tilbury's line. The signature silicone formula delivers flawless-looking skin, incredible staying power, and an effortlessly blended formula. It is fragrance-free.

Eyeshadow + Eyeliner

MERIT Solo Shadow Cream-to-Powder Soft Matte Eyeshadow - Look, for the most part I've been largely underwhelmed by everything I've tried from Merit. That said, I love these. They are reminiscent of the MAC Cosmetics Paint Pots, which are an OG fav, and the shades are surprisingly versatile. I love Social, Brun, and Studio.

MAKEUP BY MARIO Ethereal Eyes Eyeshadow Palette - This sold out the first time it launched and it haunted me. When they brought it back recently. I snagged it as quickly as I could and have reached for it consistently since. It has a lovely mix of neutrals, shimmers, mattes, and metallics, the formula is a creamy gel powder that blends easily and wears all day.

Natasha Denona I Need a Nude Eyeshadow Palette - Speaking of great nude palettes, this is easily one of the best ND launches of all time. You probably don't need both this and the Mario, but if you have to go with one, I think the Natasha is more expansive and versatile. When I travel this is the only eye palette I need to bring.

Kulfi Zari Eyes Long-Lasting Crease-Proof Cream Eyeshadow - I really need Kulfi to make more shades of this formula because it is easily the best cream eyeshadow I've ever used. Most people don't need an eye primer with it - that is how well it stays. The color payoff is insane. It blends easily and then dries down and doesn't budge.

Urban Decay Moon Dust Eyeshadow - Another product that went viral on TikTok for good reason. This stunning shadow topper cannot be captured on camera, the way it looks in person is just indescribable. Perfectly sparkly and shimmering, it catches the light in the most stunning way. I have several shades, but I recommend Space Cowboy and Cosmic to start. They also recently came out with palettes with new shades.

Eye Bento Bouncy Eyeshadow Trio - These eyeshadows are so blendable and beautiful! I can't get enough of them. I have several, but Spiked Ginger is my go-to.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow - A friend decluttered these and sent them my way, and dang it, I hate to admit I love them. I love a cream anything, and this eyeshadow wears beautifully throughout the day. The colors are some of my favorites in my collection, notably Pillow Talk and Oyster Pearl.

Danessa Myricks Colorfix Eye, Cheek, & Lip - This is my most used eye product ever. This multi-use cream pigment is an oily-lid makeup lover's DREAM. I do use eye primer with it because I have trust issues, but 90% of people won't need to. This formula dries down quickly and doesn't budge for 12+ hours. You can use it on lips and cheeks, too. My ride or die colors are Exposed, Celebration, Milky Way, Créme Brule, and Latte.

Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette - Okay, I *know* this is called a face palette, but the shade 002 Glitz is the dreamiest color palette for my eyes. All four shades are gorgeous. Catch me wearing this all summer, forever.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eye Quad - Originally released as a limited edition product, I missed it the first time around. I watched with aggressive jealousy as others got it and adored it. Everyone raved about it. The makeup artist who did my makeup for my elopement and wedding reception even did a whole IG story series on all the looks she created with it. So when they finally brought it back, I pounced on it. It is as good and as versatile as everyone says. The pink hues suit my features, and the formulas are creamy and blendable. I'm currently head over heels for this quad and plan to pick up more quads from the brand. I have greenish hazel eyes and think this looks lovely with them, but I bet it would kill on blue or brown eyes.

Tom Ford Eye Quad - The quads I own, Nude Dip and Mink Mirage, are just stunning. The versatility of this quad is next level. It is so easy to create day and night looks. Another splurge, but this palette has been one of my most used since I bought it years ago, and it is one pro MUAs swear by.

Dior Backstage Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Neutrals - Easily my most reached-for palette to date, this is precisely what it says it is - a bunch of warm neutral shades. Containing mattes and shimmers (and a primer base), this palette is so damn versatile that it is shocking. The shadows are silky and blend-able, with minimal fallout. If left to only have one eye palette forever, I would be surprised if I didn't pick this one.

M.U.F.E. Artist Color Pencils - Designed for eyes, lips, and brows, these creamy but long-lasting pencils come in a wide variety of colors. I have a handful of the browns and use them primarily as eyeliner, but the formula can be used anywhere. In addition, the shade range is so vast you could easily find a color for every need you have without having to venture to a different brand. A few favorites are Anywhere Caffeine, Limitless Brown, and Completely Sepia.


CLINIQUE High Impact High-Fi™ Full Volume Mascara - This is a recent purchase that quickly became a mainstay in my routine. It provides inky black lashes that are whispy and natural looking, but slightly dramatic. It doesn't weigh my lashes down much and doesn't irriate my sensitive eyes.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara - This brush is huge but it somehow doesn't dispense too much product which is a confusing and delightful feat of engineering. I'm continuing my love affair with brown mascaras and love this one for a natural, chocolate look. Ami Colé Lash-Amplifying Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara - She's thick, she's whipped, she's everything. This delivers dramatic lashes without the weight, and the inky black color is deep and rich. Just all-around love.

Glossier Lash Slick Lift and Lengthening Mascara - An oldie but goodie, now finally available at Sephora, so you don't have to deal with the stupid Glossier order minimum. I prefer the brown shade and reach for it on days I want a super natural, wispy lash.

Ilia Limitless Lash Lengthening Mascara - This is likely my favorite mascara ever. It is the perfect balance of dramatic and natural. The wand has different-length applicators on either side, so you can build up the mascara, flip it, and then comb through to spread the lashes. Genius.


Glossier Boy Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel-Pomade - A classic, easy to use, no fuss, everyday makeup fav. I use either the transparent or blonde shade.

Ami Colé Ultra-Flex Clear Eyebrow Shaping Gel - This provides very natural, soft, natural brows that stay put but still feel soft. It doesn't pill or get that weird white clump look other brow products can get.

Foundation + Concealer

Glossier Stretch Fluid Foundation for Buildable Coverage - Glossier really did something unique with this formula. It feels like a skincare-makeup hyrbid. My skin feels fresh all day when I wear it, and it doesn't get crakey or patchy throughout the day. My tiniest gripe is that I don't have a true shade match, but Light 02 is a close enough match I don't mind.

Ciele tint & PROTECT SPF 50+ Tinted Serum Foundation - In all honestly I expected to hate this. Usually I can't stand very watery, liquidy tints, as they never set and settle into my fine lines. This however, provides buildable coverage, sun protection, and looks flawless for about 6 hours. At the end of the day I noticed a tiny bit of texture on my chin and around my nose but nothing noticeable unless you look closely at my face. I love applying this with a damp beauty blender for a very airbrushed look.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Soothing Serum Skin Tint Foundation - This took me by surprise. It is so effortlessly natural looking it's insane. My skin looks so healthy and glowing when I wear it. The formula is packed with yummy skin-loving ingredients so it never irriates my sensitive skin and looks radiant all day. I reach for this very frequently.

Hourglass Veil™ Hydrating Skin Tint Foundation - If you're looking for a very natural-looking, barely-there, my-skin-but-better tint, then this is for you. This is *especially* great for my dry skin friends. It doesn't provide a lot of coverage, but evens out the skin and gives that "I just got a facial" glow. It's incredibly hydrating and never clings to dry spots.

Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin-Caring 24H Hydrating + Radiant + Correcting Creamy Concealer - I mostly use this versatile concealer as a foundation as it provides excellent, natural-looking coverage. I'm impressed by its longevity and wearability. It doesn't dry out on me after hours of wear. I do have to make sure my skin is prepped correctly since I'm extra dry, bu that's nothing new for me.

BASMA The Foundation Stick - You already know I'm not usually a fan of stick foundations. Those of us with dry skin rarely are. But the Basma stick is superficially formulated to be hydrating, making it dry-skin friendly. The shade range is impressive, the coverage is buildable, the finish is natural. All in all I've happily surprised by this one.

Makeup Up Forever HD Skin Matte Velvet Undetectable Longwear Blurring Powder Foundation - I did not have falling in love with a powder foundation on my 2023 bingo card, but here we are! Even on my dry skin, it works (when I prep my skin well). It lasts ALL. DAMN. DAY. It looks natural and provides buildable coverage. The finish is a soft matte that looks more skin-like as the day goes on and my natural oils shine through. But it never breaks up. It works best when layered with other powder products.

KVD Good Apple Full-Coverage Transfer-Proof Vegan Serum Foundation - I also didn't have falling in love with a full-coverage foundation on my 2023 bingo card, but apparently, this is the year of surprises. Again, I have to prep the hell out of my skin, but if I pump this into the palm of my hand, and really work my foundation brush into the formula, it gives me the most natural full coverage look I have ever had. It is long-wearing, and the finish is natural. I cannot get over how much I love this product and how often I reach for it.

Milk Makeup Sunshine Under Eye Concealer - This formula did not work for me at first. So much so that I nearly threw it away. My under eyes are exceedingly dry, and this formula accentuated every line and dry patch. But, with some changes to my eye creams, I made it work. Now, it is my most reached for under-eye concealer after two that aren't sold at Sephora.

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer - This is the perfect concealer to hide blemishes and spots. I wouldn't use this for under-eyes, but spot correcting? There's nothing better. I wear the shade Madeline.


Nails INC NAILKALE Superfood Base Coat - I recently decided I wanted to be better at doing my own nails and knew a good base coat would be a must. This helps my manicures last longer and doesn't destroy my nails.

Dior Nail Glow - I hate doing my nails; they always chip. I also actually prefer the "natural nail" look. I layer this over a coat of the OPI Nail Envy, giving my nails a healthy, milky pink glow. It also lasts way longer than I expected - over a week for me. I don't know why I waited so long to buy this product, as it is now a staple in my arsenal.


IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection #7 Brush - This is a pricey brush but well worth it. I have friends who have had theirs for nearly a decade, and it's still in perfect condition. The dual-ended brush is perfect for applying just about anything, but it is my go-to blush brush for cream and liquid blush. I rarely reach for anything else and have often contemplated buying a few extras just because I use it so often, and it would be nice to use for bronzer and blush without having to wipe it between products.

SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Contour Brush #79 - Sized to be versatile as all hell, I love this for precision applying highlighter, blush, and contour.

Saie The Base Foundation Brush - If you love the Saie bronzer brush you'll adore the foundation brush. It gives an even finish for liquid foundations. I like to use the brush to almost stipple or dapple the product across my face rather than pull.

SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Blush Brush #99 - I love this brush for precise power blush application or to blend stiffer cream and liquid blushes. The smaller head makes it easy to not go overboard.

Saie The Fluffy Setting Powder Brush - This is the perfect brush for loose and pressed setting powder. It is just the right size to get around the eyes, mouth, chin, and around the nose. I love that Saie brushes have shorter handles, making them ideal for travel.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Soft Pinch Blush Brush - This brush was made (literally) for the Rare Pinch Blushes. It effortlessly diffuses highligy pigmented liquid and cream blushes, leaving no harsh edges to be seen. I love the angled design that molds to your cheeks.

Sephora Collection PRO Foundation Brush #56 - This is a recent purchase, and I would like to know who has been hiding it from me because DAMN. It is so good. It is the perfect size to get into the crevices around the nose, eyes, and mouth. It doesn't leave streaks. I love using it with the KVD foundation.

Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush - A pricey purchase but one I don't regret a single bit. Use it with liquid foundations, and you'll get a stunning finish each time.

Rare Beauty Positive Light Precision Highlighter Brush - If you use any powder highlighters, you need this brush. It gives the softest, most natural finish.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush Brush - If you haven't noticed from this list yet, Rare brushes are frickin' incredible. I love this for liquid blush

Saie The Big Buffing Bronzer Brush - I bought this in tandem with the Saie cream bronzer and haven't looked back since. The large, dense brush applies cream products like a dream. It gives a very blurred effect which I adore.

Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable All Over Eyeshadow Brush - This brush is small, but it is also mighty. It applies powder and cream shadows as well as my fingers do, which is my preferred method usually.

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer Brush - This brush is designed to feel like the pad of a finger. The super-soft bristles are the perfect density and shape to blend concealer softly. It really does feel as though I've used my finger.

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Foundation Brush - Enough people I trust raved about this brush for me to pick it up. Aaaaaaand they were right. It's incredible. It doesn't soak up too much product, blends liquid and cream formulas like a damn cream is comfortable to hold and use - I can't get enough of it.



DermaFlash Dermapore Ultrasonic Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser *- I don't use many face tools, and I am generally pretty skeptical of most on the market. This brand, however, was founded by a former MedSpa owner and is exceptionally high quality, safe to use, and easy to use. I am a picker - I constantly pick at my face, which isn't good for my skin. This device has helped cure that habit completely. The ultrasonic technology will unclog your pores with minimal effort, and you can also use this to infuse your skincare deeper into your skin. I use this maybe twice a week and have noticed the pores on my forehead and nose are significantly less clogged - and I'm not harming my skin with constant picking.

DermaFlash LUXE Anti-Aging Dermaplaning Exfoliation Device*- You have probably seen all those super satisfying dermaplaning videos on Instagram and are super intrigued. This easy-to-use tool helps you safely achieve those results at home. I've used mine only twice, but it works perfectly. The removal of baby hairs and any dry, dead skin has revealed supple, soft, fresh skin, and my products and makeup go on like a dream. I cannot wait to see more results from regular use. Just be sure to discontinue the use of any acids or retinol 48 hours before and after use to avoid over-exfoliating your skin.


Elemis The Naked Cleansing Balm - Hands down, the best cleansing balm you can get at spehora for sensitive skin. It is a dream and experience to use; I just adore it. Obviously, it's also super effective. Thrilled its finally at Sephora.

Tatcha The Indigo Cleansing Balm Moisturizing Makeup Remover - This is such a good balm cleanser. I can't lie, I find the packaging annoying (I have a screw top), but it's too thick to be in a squeeze tube. It obliterates makeup and is sensitive skin friendly. It doesn't leave a film behind, and is packed with skin loving ingredients so my skin doesn't feel tight or dry when take it off.

Paula’s Choice Omega + Complex Cleansing Balm - The only thing stopping this cleanser from taking over the world is the fact it has a screw cap instead of a flip cap. That's it, that's the review.

Laneige Cream Skin Oil Cleanser - This gentle, fragrance-free, milky cleanser has been a dream for my dry, sensitive skin. I use this first thing in the morning or as a second cleanse, and it not only never strips my skin but leaves it calm and happy.

Fresh Soy Cleanser* - This old favorite is a simple, basic, but super effective cleanser. Even my husband likes this one which says a lot because he is randomly extremely opinionated about cleansers. I use this as a second cleanse. It claims to be good at removing makeup, but I don't use it for that purpose, so I cannot confirm.

Serums + Oils

Summer Fridays Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum - I don't know why I doubted this serum, but I did, and I was wrong. It is lovely and hydrating and calming and layers beautifully. I am currently out and plan to buy more asap.

Eadem Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum with Niacinamide and Vitamin C - Here's a truth - I have a different vitamin C dark spot treatment I love, but it's very expensive and not sold at sephora. This is the next best thing. Fragrance-free and sensitive-skin friendly, too! The only thing I don't like is the dropper - it wasn't easy to use.

Glossier Super Bounce Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin B5 Hydrating Face Serum - Look, call me a basic B, but I love this serum. It is simple, effective, and a joy to use. It has a unique texture that really is "bouncy." I constantly come back to it when I need to get my skin back on track.

Summer Fridays Heavenly Sixteen All in On Face Oil - I spent many a moon hunting down a face oil that worked for my dry, sensitive skin that did not contain fragrance or fragrant essential oils. Oh, and it actually has to work. I love love LOVE this oil. I layer it at night with my moisturizer and wake up with glowing, happy skin.

YTTP Triple Peptide + Cactus Hydrating + Firming Oasis Serum* - I love a hyaluronic acid serum, and this one doesn't have the tell-tale tackiness that usually accompanies a HA serum. I use it daily as the first hydrating layer, and all my products go on smoother because of it.

Moisturizers, Masks, + Eye Creams

Tower 28 Beauty SOS Daily Skin Barrier Redness Recovery Moisturizer - This is a really great basic, everyday moisturizer that would work for pretty much all skin types. It is designed for sensitive skin, formulated with hyaluronic acid and ceramides, and is aimed at reducing redness, which is perfect my dry, sensitive, rosecea-prone skin.

Shani Darden Skin Care Hydration Peptide Cream - This has become my go-to daytime moisturizer. Deisgned as a rich, oil-free moisturizer, it aims to provide intense hydration and powerful peptides that visibly plump and firm without causing congestion. It mixes well with the rest of my routine, I love the pump dispenser, and it is of course fragrance-free and sensitive and dry-skin friendly.

Glossier After Baume Moisture Barrier Recovery Cream - The most sumptuous, occlusive baume, I use this at the end of my nighttime routine to seal everything in. I have gone through two tubs of it and love it dearly.

Summer Fridays Cloud Dew Gel Cream Moisturizer - I did not expect this to work on my dry skin. Lightweight it may be, but it still packs a punch. I love this for summer.

YTTP Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate with Vitamin C and Caffeine* - Another sleeper hit, this lightweight eye cream is delish! It even layers well with undereye concealer which is so hard to find.

Augustinus Bader - The Rich Cream - I hate that I adore this cream so much since it is so expensive, but it really is a one and done product - so you can use less steps. It kept my dry, sensitive skin very happy all fall and winter and now that my bottle is empty I sorely miss it.

Tatcha Indigo Overnight Repair Serum - I love this serum-moisturizer as the last step in my nighttime routine. It seals everything in and keeps my skin protected all night. Of course, I can still feel it on my face in the morning, but in a good way. Unlike all the other Tatcha creams, this one comes with a scoop but not a place to store it, which drives me nuts.

YTTP Superclay Purify and Clear Power Mask - As I have said before, I hate masks. I especially hate charcoal masks. Despite those two facts, this is my favorite mask. Ever. It clears and balances my skin without any irritation, and I do not understand this wizardry but I appreciate it.

Dr. Jart+Ceramidin Cream - A winter must have for all skin types but especially those who are dry and sensitive, this rich cream is packed with yummy ingredients to soothe even the most irritated and weather torn skin. It is fragrance-free but does contain Bergamot Fruit Oil, which could irritate anyone super sensitive. I use this at night layered with an oil.


Laneige Cream Skin Mist - This mist is officially my favorite mist. I want a mist actually to do something, and this gentle, fragrance-free mist is so packed with moisturizing ingredients that some people can use it as a moisturizer. Fun fact: the mist and lotion (toner/essence) are the exact same product, just different names, and usage instructions.

Tower 28 SOS Daily Mist - I love a mist. I mist between steps of my skincare to help products absorb better. This newbie has quickly become a favorite, and I flew through it. Hold it far from your face as the spray isn't as fine as others. Yes, it is fragrance-free.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Ultra Fine Mist - The name does not lie. This mist is SO. FINE. And it smells like a watermelon jolly rancher, and while I wholeheartedly hate fragrance in skincare I fucking love how this smells. The packaging is also cute as shit, so.

Lip Balms + Treatments

OLEHENRIKSEN Pout Preserve Hydrating Peptide Lip Treatment - I am going to put this here and with lip products because there is a tinted version I cannot wait for - I'm grabbing it in the sale. This is such a good lip balm. I keep it on my vanity for when I do my skincare and just adore it. It has the signature creamsicle scent and keeps my lips moisturized for hours.

Bobbi Brown Extra Plump Hydrating Lip Serum - My latest lip treatment obsession, this citrus-scented liquid balm is hydrating, comfortable, and fortifying. It has a hint of shimmer that is nearly undetectable. The leaf-shaped applicator is highly mobile, making the application a breeze.

Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask - An Instagram favorite, this is a lovely lip balm. I think the packaging and the unique flavors keep everyone coming back to this baby. I can't say that I think it is a game-changer or savior for chapped lips - it's just yummy and smells delicious. The Gummy Bear flavor is *so good*.

Hourglass No28 Treatment Oil - Unlike the above, this treatment is a game-changer and deserves praise for its uncanny ability to save my lips no matter how chapped or angry they are. I put this on every night before bed and wake up with soft subtle lips every morning. I adore the applicator, as I low-key hate any product I have to use my fingers for.

Fresh Sugar Hydrating Lip Balm - Like the Laneige, I think the cute packaging and fun flavors make these lip balms so collectible. Again, I'm not a fan of products where I have to use my fingers - but these balms are actually quite nice and layer well with lipstick. I love the mango flavor.

Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm - This is pure nostalgia - didn't we ALL use this in high school? Again, nothing life-changing, but every time I see this gold tin at the checkout of Sephora, I have to hold back buying one. Forever a favorite for no other reason than happy memories.

SPF, Primers, Misc.

Charlotte Tilbury Invisible UV Flawless Primer SPF 50 - This. Damn. Primer. It is too small and too expensive and too damn perfect. I would love to buy this in a jumbo size and use it every day but I find I wear it mostly on "special occasions" to make it last. Or on days when I need my makeup to last forever because it really does make everything stick. I also often use it without makeup as my SPF. It really is just that good.

Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Sheets - Look, ya girl may have the driest skin this side of the equator but I still get oily. These massive blotting papers get my entire face with one sheet. I have them in my purse and at my desk at home. Love.


Nécessaire the Sex Gel - The girls who get it, get it. There is a reason hoards of people demanded Nécessaire bring this back.

Nécessiare The Body Cream - A great staple body butter that is fragrance-free and sensitive skin friendly.

Josie Maran Vanilla Vibezzz Refillable Body Butter * - A refillable body butter that smells like a vanilla waffle cone and deeply hydrates your skin. Need I say more?

iNNBEAUTY PROJECT Bright & Smooth Body Serum for Dark Spots & Bumps—I'll be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this, but after using it 2-3 times a week for two weeks, I noticed a huge change in my body skin texture. My razor rash and red bumps are basically gone, and my skin feels smooth and supple.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter - My second favorite body butter, this version is a little more "wet" and leaves a beautiful shine. I love this nearly as much as the retired Daily Repair, and recently bought the jumbo-size tub of the Vanilla Apricot scent, and I love it. I do prefer the fragrance-free (surprise surprise) but enjoy a yummy summery scent from time to time.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow AHA Pink Dream Body Cream - Look, we all know I prefer a fragrance-free lotion, but I somehow adore this watermelon lotion that literally smells just like a Jolly Rancher. It is one of those products that is simply a joy to use.

*All of the Necessaire items below are either fragrance-free or come in a fragrance-free option.

Nécessaire Body Oil - This is my holy grail body product. I have gone through three bottles of it and will never be without it. It has absolutely no smell. Yes, it is fragrance-free, but it has no discernable smell whatsoever. It sinks in almost immediately and keeps me hydrated all day.

Nécessaire Gel Deodorant - I love this formula. It lasts 6-8 hours for me before I need to reapply. It will never replace my good old Old Spice, but it is a fantastic option for those looking for a "clean" deodorant.

Nécessaire The Body Wash - This is not news - this is the best body wash I have ever used. It is NOT a typical body wash. Nécessaire puts the care, effort, and ingredients into their body products most brands put into their $300 face serums. I prefer the unscented version of this wash, as I can use it on every part of my body, even the lady bits.

Necéssaire The Body Lotion - Hands down, the best body lotion I've ever used. I tried DOZENS in my life and could never commit to using body lotion regularly until this came into my life. It is perfect - lightweight, sumptuous, sinks in immediately, fragrance-free - just buy it and thank me later.

Nécessaire The Body Serum - Okay, to save time, I am just going to tell you that I fucking love everything from Nécessaire. Everything. Every. Single. Item. This serum is lightweight and lovely to use, but I especially love using this before I put on the lotion or oil for extra hydration. You can read my full review of the Body Serum here and follow up here.

Nécessaire The Hand Cream - There is a theme happening. It's fragrance-free and damn near perfect. Full review here. Your dry, cracked hands from all the cold weather and handwashing deserve the lotion.

Nécessaire The Body Exfoliator - The only product from the line other than the sex gel that I haven't written a review for - but I have reviewed this in my stories on Instagram numerous times. In short, it helps keep my body acne at bay with acids and physical exfoliation. The charcoal beads begin to break down while you scrub so you cannot accidentally over-exfoliate. I use this once or twice a week, and it does wonders for keeping my body clear and (KP) bump-free. I also love to use it to exfoliate my legs before shaving to avoid razor burn.

Tan-Luxe Super Glow Body Hyaluronic Self-Tan - The only safe tan is a fake tan! But for those who hate the smell of fake tanner, it means we are doomed to being pale forever. Enter Tan-Luxe. Their entire brand is about easy-to-use self-tanner that has no discernable smell. Does the self-tan smell still happen anyway? Yes. For many users, they never smell anything, but the thing is, Dihydroxyacetone has a smell no matter what you do, and some people's body chemistry (like mine) will always react to it. Is it lighter and less offensive than any other brand I have tried? Yes, yes it is. The formula is easy to use and gives me a beautiful golden glow that lasts almost a week.


Nécessaire The Shampoo—This fragrance-free shampoo is great for sensitive scalps and fine, thin hair. It deeply cleanses but doesn't strip.

Nécessaire The Rosemary Shampoo - I'm not yet sold on the idea rosemary grows your hair, but my hair has felt incredibly soft, and so far, this hasn't broken me out!

Shark FlexStyle™ Hair Blow Dryer & Multi-Styler for Straight & Wavy Hair - I purchased this during the last sale since getting it 20% off is a great deal. It definitely takes some practice but I love how I can achieve salon-like blowouts at home. I do wish it came with a case, it feels like a big miss that something so expensive doesn't even have so much as a bag or cord tie, but otherwise it's fairly easy to learn how to use and really articulates my layers.

VERB Purple Shampoo - Since going back to blonde, I'm always on the hunt for good purple shampoos. I love VERB products so much, and this does exactly what I need it to - remove the brassy tones and brighten my blonde.

Verb Ghost Shampoo - One of my tried and true, never lets me down shampoos. Even though it has fragrance, it has never broken me out. I often buy the jump size with a pump.

Verb Ghost Hair Mask - Instead of conditioner, I use this mask to keep my bleached hair soft and healthy. I leave it on in the shower for about five minutes, and it works like a charm.

Verb Ghost Prep Heat Protectant - I use this before I detangle my hair after showering, and it gives my hair extra shine and protects it from heat styling without weighing it down. What more can I ask of it?

Dae Vegan Detangle + Style Brush - This is the best hair brush I have ever used. Dare I say I like it more than my Mason Pearson? (don't let it hear my say that) I can use it on wet or dry hair, and I swear I notice less fall out in the brush than I do other tools. RIP to the wet brush, this is my ride or die now.

K18 Biometrics Hairscience Levie-in Molecular Repair Mask - This saved my hair in two uses. My stylist and colorist both commented on how healthy my hair looked after I started using it. My one piece of advice? Read the directions, and do not overuse it!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo - I feel like we have all been thinking our Dry Shampoos work but after using this one I realized nothing I've tried before works quite as well as this. It has a strong fragrance, but it is a very fresh, clean, almost laundry-like smell I don't mind.

Amika Polished Perfecting Brush* - I haven't even looked at my straightener since this brush entered my life. It is so quick and easy to use and not only tames my hair but also gives me the look of a blowout which we all know I don't have the patience to do with a brush and dryer. Truly, I am the laziest human alive when it comes to doing my hair and this tool means it takes less than five minutes to smooth my hair. I couldn't recommend it more.

Amika hAIR Blow Dryer Brush* - For the days when I have the time/patience - this bush is a godsend for lazy girls who still want to look like they did their hair. Let your hair air-dry like 75% then use this tool to finish the job. It legitimately gives you the blowout of your dreams with minimal effort. It weighs less than a pound so your arm won't ache, and unlike the popular Revlon version, the highest heat setting does NOT destroy your hair.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal Dry Shampoo* This dry shampoo has a weird applicator, but that's fine because it works wonders. My fine hair typically gets weighed down by anything I put on it dry, but this dry shampoo gets the job done by absorbing excess oil and giving my hair a much-needed boost & lift at the roots.

Verb Dry Shampoo Light* - A classic aerosol dry shampoo, this slightly purple-hued spray is a dream for my platinum locks. Lightweight and lightly scented, this is one of the only dry shampoos that does what it says and makes my hair look and feel clean again. It also comes in a dark version for brunettes.

Verb Ghost Weightless Hair Oil - The only hair product I use other than shampoo and conditioner on a regular enough basis is usually an oil of some sort. I apply this silky serum to my strands before I dry it, and my hair is soft, shiny, and tangle-free. Lightly scented, this has thankfully never broken me out. A little goes a long way, and you can use this on wet and dry hair.


PHLUR Missing Person Eau de Parfum *- I'm wearing this as I write this blog and just love it (although I think the name is kind of weird, but I digress). It is light, comforting scent that wears close to the skin. Fans of Glossier You will likely enjoy this one. I actually cannot stand Glossier You on myself but like it on others, and Missing Person gives me that "my skin but better" type of smell vibes. It's subtle enough people might just think this is what you naturally smell like.

PHLUR Somebody Wood Eau de Parfum *- I love this for a cold weather scent. It is woodsy but has a bright and fresh side to it that is missing from fan-favorite Maison Margiela By the Fireplace. It is a touch sweet, but not cloyingly.

PHLUR Sweet Smoke Candle *- I'll warn you now, this one is strong. But if you love winter woody scents that are complex, you'll love this. It is sweet, smokey, woodsy, and rather addictive. The cold throw is insane so you might be able to use it with a candle warmer to help keep the warm throw in check.

Otherland Candles - This brand creates some of the most unique scents I have encountered. Cardamom Milk is one of my all-time favorites.

Nest New York Candles - If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am deeply obsessed with my Nest Candles. Their throw is insane. Within 30 minutes my entire apartment will be enveloped in the scent I'm burning. For winter I highly recommend the Birchwood Pine scent - its like a fresh cut Christmas tree that still has snow on its branches. One of their most popular scents is Grapefruit, it is bright, sweet, tart, and totally intoxicating.

OverRose Candles - I love Valkiria, a milky peach and fig scent, that is just gorgeous. The vessels are highly Instagram-able and the throw is considerably strong. Well worth the price when you realize they are almost twice the size of a Diptyque candle and still cheaper.

Alright, kids, that's it! I hope this was helpful. And again, you do NOT need to shop this sale if you are not feeling it, but should you feel inclined, shopping through my links helps me continue to create content.



An* denotes a gifted item

This post contains affiliate links

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