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Danielle of Gem Gossip was the first person I ever reached out to when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in fine jewelry. I was maybe 23 and completely lost. Danielle responded right away, and we've stayed in touch over the years. In a full circle, dream come true moment - she recently asked me to be part of her jewelry collection feature, where I also announced the launch of my new jewelry line, Psyche Fine Jewelry. It was an honor - I'm still pinching myself. Check it out in full below by clicking on the screenshot!

Q: What is it about jewelry that makes it your passion?

  • The universal and timeless appeal of it. Jewelry is a central part of just about every culture and has been for thousands of years. Jewelry has a very unique way of holding onto memories and emotions, unlike anything else I've encountered. I kind of feel that jewelry is less part of our life, and more we are part of its life.

Q: Describe some of your favorite antique motifs that you collect.

  • The Classicist in me loves all things ancient and mythology-inspired - especially anything having to do with Egyptian, Greek, or Roman mythology. Not unlike other collectors, I love snake rings. I was born in the year of the snake. I also love architectural motifs, especially arches, and that is a motif I plan to feature heavily in my collection that launches later this summer. I didn't do this consciously but I have also started collecting food-related charms, particularly bread. My line will also have a croissant charm I'm in the process of finalizing, which will eventually turn into an entire bread-charm series.



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